Next journey

On July 13th Kristoffer and I will embark on our first journey. We will be joined by my brother-in-law Josh and together we will paddle roughly 100 km (60-65 miles) over several days at an undisclosed location. All I can say is that the trip will end somewhere in Vänern, Sweden's biggest lake.

We will be travelling in one canoe and one kayak, taking turns being in the kayak. While I have the whole trip mapped out, I'm not sure what to actually bring on a trip like this. Will most likely result in packing too much, and then we'll learn from that experience!


Next Day Thoughts

So, my first three hours of kayaking is behind me. It was fantastic! It was everything I had dreamt of + a great deal of pain that I will learn how to avoid next time.

I absolutely love experiencing nature from this perspective, gliding silently through the water. It will happen again many times!


A new interest

So, the idea is that Kristoffer and I are going to start paddling. I have never been in a kayak and almost never in any type of canoe. This weekend I will try out kayaking for the first time, it will be an experience!