Different worlds!

Before you read this update, read the one from Kristoffer from a few minutes ago!

So... We got through day 2! Shouldn't say without issues but at least we didn't injure ourselves... much... Mosquitoes are everywhere, Josh is really sunburnt his legs, and all our backs are sore.

Day started fine. After a nice porridge breakfast we started padding on Rådanesjön. Really tired at the beginning, as soon as the cooling wind hit us we regained our energy. We soon reached Bodaneån where we would spend almost our whole day.

Most of paddling consisted of avoiding rocks and old trees in the water. Had to use the saw a couple of times, and had to pull the canoe over both beaverland and rocky shallow "rapids". After a nice lunch of noodles (again) the trip eventually turned into a nice forested river with not much sunlight. We had no idea what was ahead of us!

While river kept going , both fields and forest disappeared and was replaced by wetland and reeds as far as we could see. Landscape felt wild and exotic,  and the river was quite wide... for a while...

Soon enough it got more and more narrow. The reeds were 6 feet high and we couldn't doing but try to stay on track. At times the river was only three feet wide and so was our canoe. Josh and Kristoffer, who were in the canoe at the time, eben had to walk next to canoe to get it forward. After getting through what felt like an endless overgrown lake, we finally reached a bridge and we were back to normal river. Time for the next setback!

For some reason they were performing repairs on the dam downstream so they were letting all water out which resulted in shallow rocky waters and in the end portage through high grass in the forest to the first place down the dam where we could put our canoes back in. We had a quick dinner with ham and tuna, paddled past more rocks and tree logs to reach a small lake. We quickly passed through it and entered the last part of Bodaneån before reaching the biggest lake of  our trip, Stora Hästefjorden. We were set on finding a place to sleep and soon settled on an island in the middle of nowhere. We ate some blueberries, some mosquitoes ate us, we played some Hanabi and now we're about to go to sleep. The view is nice :)