And the day went on...

I didn't hurt myself so badly so we could continue on, pushing the canoes up the shallow stream in the picture.
When we got out on the next lake the wind hit us pretty hard so we had a difficult time getting anywhere.
At the lake we found a little island with a hill on it. From there we had a great view and we cooked some sausages.
After a couple of more hours of paddling, we reached the end of the lake. Time was 6pm and now we had to carry everything, since we had forgotten the cart. It started off pretty good, but we soon got very tired. We realised that it was much longer to the next lake than we anticipated. We had no energy left whatsoever so at 9 pm we called mom to help us bring the canoes with the car over to our next paddling area. We were so thankful! If she hadn't been able to help us out, we would not have been able to carry on.
We put our tent in the outskirts of a little village right next to a lake. It was finally time for some rest.

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